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Trophies are a unique feature of PlayMoreGolf, which can be earned by playing golf - we want you to get the most out of your membership. Trophies will challenge you to explore new clubs, play at different times, and keep coming back for more. Your personalized Trophy Page shows all trophies you have earned, and how close you are to unlocking new ones.

The trophy page is also available in the PMG App. If you do not have the trophy page in-app then the app requires an update to get this feature.

What is an achievement score?

An achievement score is the total score that is determined by the how many trophies you have unlocked and how difficult they were to complete. You can use this score to compare your progress with your friends from the buddy leaderboard.

For each trophy that you earn, your score will increase depending on the tier of the trophy that you have completed. Bronze trophies will provide you with an added score of 25, silver 50, gold 100 and platinum 200. The more difficult trophies will provide you with a higher reward.

The achievement score has no monetary value.

How can I share these with my friends?

We're working on new ways to show off your achievements in a Trophy Cabinet. Until it's ready we'd love you to compare your Achievement Score (available on your dashboard) with friends to see how you compare, and let them know when you unlock new Trophies!

What Trophies can I earn?

Trophies are split into 4 tiers; Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Often the same trophy will be available in each tier, with the requirements to earn them increasing. 

How do I know when I've unlocked a trophy?

Shortly after you have completed a trophy by meeting the requirements, you will receive a notification both through the website and in-app. If you did not receive a notification it is likely to be the case that you have not updated the app in a while or you have not granted the PMG App permission to give you notifications.


Everyone has to start somewhere; bronze trophies are the most obtainable, but they're just as important.


Slightly more challenging then the Bronze trophies.


The Gold trophies step things up another notch.


The Platinum trophies are reserved for only the most dedicated golfers! If you have a platinum trophy you really are in an exclusive club.