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Refund Process

A member has the right to cancel their membership and receive a refund based on their outstanding points balance and handling costs of £15 within the first 14 days of purchasing their membership in accordance with Consumer Contract Regulations 2013. Any top up payments conducted throughout the year also will be entitled to a refund within the first 14 days of payment based on the outstanding number of topped up points less a handling fee of £15. This will not entitle the member to a full refund.


After 14 days all Membership payments and top ups are non-refundable. Any Membership cancellations approved by your club for reimbursement between the first 14 and 30 days of purchase will incur additional administration costs of 8% of the refunded amount. After 30 days of purchase the administrative cost will be 9% of the refunded amount. A minimum fee of £15 per request will be charged and no value will be attributed to friend referral or bonus points awarded.