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How do I redeem my Membership Voucher?

Congratulations on receiving a PlayMoreGolf membership voucher (even if you bought it for yourself!). Redeeming it is easy, there's a couple of options depending on if you already have a membership.

Remember: All PlayMoreGolf vouchers are valid for 12 months from issue. Once redeemed, a PlayMoreGolf membership lasts for 12 months.

New to PlayMoreGolf?

Welcome! To redeem your voucher, start by checking out our Network of Clubs

Follow the instructions to create your account, then at the checkout enter your giftcard into the green promo code/giftcard bar.

Already a Member? Have an account? Had a membership in the past?

Welcome Back! To redeem your voucher, simply Log into your Account, visit the checkout, and enter your giftcard into the green promo code/giftcard bar.

Note: The PlayMoreGolf App does not currently support in-app purchases, however you can visit the above link on desktop or mobile.

Having Problems?

We're here to help - if you're struggling to redeem your voucher, or have other questions, here's some places that can help;

More information about a PlayMoreGolf Membership

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