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Who handles my Handicap?

 - Your chosen Home Club will set you up on the Clubs database. If you already have a World Handicap System (WHS) membership number, your historical and current handicap can be transferred to your new Club with your WHS number. Please provide your chosen home club with your WHS number.  

- To receive your handicap you will be required to pay an affiliation fee directly to your Home Club, this is so to the governing body can then process it. A proportion of your affiliation fee will go to England Golf and the remainder will be go to the County Golf Union. There is more information here England Golf.

To begin the process of gaining a handicap, it's always best to contact the club directly. The Admin / Competition Secretary will be able to answer further queries. You may also find useful advice from other members at your Home Club on the Members Group on Facebook

Can I gain a Handicap under PMG Plus / Experience

- As you do not have a Home Club, you can not gain / maintain your handicap directly with a club. England Golf / IGOLF have an option for non-club members where you submit your scores for your Handicap to remain active. For more information please visit IGOLF

What is an Affiliation Fee?

Affiliation fees are necessary for the club to be able to pay their relevant national and local governing bodies. These fees allow you to hold an official handicap, covers insurance, and provides other additional benefits depending on your club.

Please also see: Club Levies