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How are my card details kept secure?

At PlayMoreGolf we take payment security extremely seriously. This article explains how our payment process works, and why you can trust it with your details.

How your card details are processed

Like almost all businesses, we use a third party payment processing system to take payments securely. This means we do not directly process or save your card details, instead we use the internationally recognised leader in payments, Stripe.

When you enter your card details at the checkout, even though you're on a PlayMoreGolf page we cannot see this information, and have no way to access it, you're instead entering your details into an embedded secure portal provided by Stripe. Once this information is entered, we're able to request a payment from it via a process called Tokenisation, where the payment provider gives us a single use "token" to request a payment on this card without sharing the card details.

As with other online payments, we use Visa 3D Secure and Mastercard SecureCard, and in addition our payment provider runs fraud and suspicious activity checks in the background to provide extra protection. Our payment process is PCI DSS compliant and use Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).

More technical information on how card details are taken

How your card details are stored for reuse

In order to make future payments easier, and power recurring payments, our payment provider stores card details securely. In the same way as above, we have no access to your full card details, however we can see a representation of the cards linked against your account, so we can reuse the cards for payments.

In order for you to know which card is being used at checkout, we can retrieve a summary of the cards linked to your account from the payment provider, which are limited to;

  • Card Type (Visa, Mastercard, etc)
  • Last 4 digits of the long number
  • Expiry Date

We retrieve this information from the payment provider at checkout time, and we do not store this information. This information is not enough to make a payment.

Our payment provider works with banks to ensure card details are kept updated; if your card is replaced due to being expired, lost, or stolen, the payment provider will update the card details on your behalf.

When a saved card is used, the same fraud and security checks take place as when it is entered for the first time.

More technical information about how card details are stored