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Flexi Points

Flexi points last for one year from the point of purchase and do not carry over to the subsequent membership year. Any purchased additional Flexi points last for one year from when these points are purchased.  Any bookings will use the oldest Flexi points first and they can be used at both Home and Away clubs.  

Home points cannot be transferred to Flexi. The reason for this is that your home club has already received the funds associated with your Home points. The concept behind Home points is that they are allocated directly to your designated home club, paying them for your membership. Flexi points pay clubs as they are used, and are valid for one year - any unused points upon your renewal will then expire. 

You can purchase additional Flexi throughout your membership year. Please see below for the costs: 


Flexi Points  

5 points   - £24 

10 points - £44 

15 points - £62 

20 points - £80 

50 points - £200 


Please note: Unless you have an Experience membership, Flexi points can only be used with an active account.