The PlayMoreGolf Membership Price Is Increasing

How this affects your membership

Historical Article - Prices for PlayMoreGolf memberships were increased in July 2020. The information below relates to changes before this date, and is retained for informational purposes.

The price of the flexible golf membership at your home club will be increasing. This is the first time in 4 years, since PlayMoreGolf formed, that the prices have been increase.

The price increase was due to occur on April 1st. However, with the current unprecedented time, this has now been deferred to a later date which is TBC. This decision was only made very recently and wasn’t taken lightly. We believe it is the right decision during the current pandemic and the effect that has on individual's income as well as potential health.  We are reviewing the situation daily. Once a decision has been made as to when the price increase will occur, we will inform all members.

Over the past 4 years, we here at PlayMoreGolf have been working hard to constantly improve the offering of our flexible golf membership. Including the following:

  • PMG App for Android and iOS.
  • Buddy Booking and buddy requests
    • Made it easier for you to invite and play with guests.
  • Using Flexi-Points at home
    • Don’t play at any other clubs? Not to worry, you can now use all of your points at your home club.
  • Renewals retain original date, so you don’t miss out renewing early
    • If you wish to renew early, you are not restricted in any way. You will keep your original date rather than it reverting to the date that you renewed on. For example, if your renewal date was 1st May 2020 and you renewed today, your next renewal date would not be until 1st May 2021.
  • Rebuilt booking platform and general site rebuilds
    • Making it simple and easy to book your rounds of golf and navigate
  • Trophies/achievement score/buddy leader board
  • Facebook group
    • Allowing you to share your PlayMoreGolf experience with your fellow members!
    • If you haven't already, click here to join 
  • Referral benefits
  • Payment Plan
  • 7-day, and then 30 minute interval points matrices
  • Better booking/cancellation notifications (inc in-app)
  • Green Fee Price Guarantee
    • Our price guarantee excludes deals such as hot deals, Groupon and home club member guest green fee rates
  • Integrated with all leading tee-sheet providers to enable more bookings to be made online
  • Endless performance and stability improvements
  • Continuing to grow our PlayMoreGolf network
    • We are now have over 230 clubs across the UK that you can play at using your flexi points.
  • Improved customer support and help sections.
  • Continuous user interface improvements, such as the new dashboard and the new tee times list/page
  • And there is plenty more to come
    • Improved referral process; earn more rewards
    • Make playing with guests easier to manage
    • …and so much more!


We want to continue to grow and offer you the golfer, the best value for your membership at your home club. Not only this, but by increasing the price, it allows both yourself and PlayMoreGolf to continue to support your home club and allow them to thrive.

Worried about the price increase? Renew your membership before the 1st March and we will honor the current membership price. You will also keep your existing renewal date and your remaining home points will carry over. Click here to renew.