Why can't I see the tee time I want to book?

I cannot find an available Tee Time online

We always show every available tee time provided to us by the club, however if you can't find the time you're looking for, there may be many reasons

There's little availability today

It could be that the club is just very busy. We always recommend booking well in advance to avoid disappointment.

If you're booking with friends or full members who have already booked, the slot may not be available to book online, even if there is space. In these cases it's best to contact the club directly, who will be able to let you know of any additional slots.

See also: How do I book with a full club member?

There's no availability on a specific day, when normally there is

If there's no availability at all for a specific day, it could be that the club is running a competition, open day, or other event that means tee times are not available. If you need further information, or think this is in error, it's always best to contact the club directly.

There's no availability before a certain time

Some clubs don't offer tee times at certain times, and as such you won't be able to book during these times. You can find out if any times are "blocked out" by looking at the Club's Points Matrix. You can find this from the Booking page by pressing "View Points Matrix".

A message appears asking you to call the club

Some clubs are unable to take bookings online because they do not use a supported Tee Time management system, this means we're unable to provide real time bookings. You can instead make a booking by calling the number shown. The vast majority of clubs in the network support online booking, but unfortunately some are not able to facilitate this.

There's no availability at all, on any day

If there's no availability at all, on any day, this could be due to a temporary problem with the booking system at the club. If your preferred time is a few days away it's probably best to come back later and see if the issue is resolved. If times are still not working, or your preferred time is soon, Contact Customer Services and we'll work with the club to understand the issue.

An error message is being displayed

This means there is a temporary problem in the connection between the Golf Club's tee sheet and PlayMoreGolf. While this is being resolved you can still book by contacting the club directly.

I've got a lot of guests

You can add up to 3 guests to your booking, however if you add a lot of guests you're likely to see fewer results. If you're playing with a large group consider splitting your booking into multiple closely-placed times. Alternatively if you contact the club directly they may be able to accommodate your booking by splitting the time.